Thousand Hills was born right in the heart of the cutting horse capital, Parker County, Texas. Seeing the need for ranchers, farmers, and small businesses to increase their sales with digital marketing became a necessity. Owning a small business ourselves, it is hard to break into the digital world. Advertising and getting your brand out there for your potential clients to know you are here! We provide services such as logo design, branding, website, and social media marketing. We help our clients discover, create, and promote their stories. So here we are, this is Thousand Hills


Meet the Designer 

Behind the Name

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Laurisa Dunn // laurisa@thmarketing.org
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Laurisa is the leader and heart of Thousand Hills. She graduated with a degree in Public Relations and prefers to spend her days outside. She is a pro at working from anywhere and will pour her heart into taking care of her clients. Whether you are a first time entrepreneur or experienced, working with Laurisa will help elevate your business.