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Image by Taylor Brandon
Inspired by the fear of being average.

You. Your hard work. Your grit. I'm here to turn the connections of your dream and vision Into something authentic and alive. the world changed and so did everyone else. you can't just be average. your brand can't be the norm. Brand identity goes beyond just a logo - it's your voice. let's create something amazing!

Hey - I'm Laurisa.

I know we just met. but I'm going to hug you.
I'm a Parker County based graphic designer focusing on giving businesses their voice. I'm a mama to two busy, sun kissed, high energy little girls. I married my best friend and our dates consist of feeding cows or checking out the local scene. 

My why: To create bold, authentic, unique brands that embrace your story. I'm inspired by the fear of being average. 
savingPNG 2.PNG

the work.


Fortune favors the bold.

I equip the dreamers and the doers with what they need to give their voice and brand boldness. through beautiful branding, compelling websites and creative ideas for you to implement in your business, together we build a brand that captures your vision. 

Let's get to work.

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